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Bet-Olam Jewish Funerals is the not-for-profit, Melbourne-based funeral service for members of the Progressive, Conservative and the wider Jewish community. Founded in 1994, Bet-Olam prides itself on its caring and responsive service. Funds generated are returned to the Jewish community.

Bet-Olam Planning for COVID-19 Virus Emergency – New Protocols Face masks are now compulsory.

We are continuing with a safe and measured response to the Covid-19 situation. The number of people attending the family meeting is reduced to 2 and we will ensure that these meetings take place in a large and open space.

Funerals are held at graveside and we will live stream as many as we can, limiting attendance at funerals to no more than 20 people plus the Rabbi and myself. Cremations and indoor services are also restricted to 20 people plus Rabbi and myself and we can live stream these services as well. Social distancing and personal hygiene will be strictly adhered to and masks are mandatory. Please note that we are required to record the names and contact information of all attendees the day prior to each service.

If you wish to discuss any concerns, please call Rhonda Nirens on 9883 6237


Simon Roizman

Private Family Funeral Private
Time: Thursday 29 October, 12:15 pm



There are no upcoming minyanim


Meryl Rood

Consecration Springvale Botanical Cemetery
Time: Sunday 28 February, 11:00 am